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Financial Planning

Expert Financial Planning to help you reach your goals.

Too many advisors push clients to do things, rather than listening and empathizing and inspiring them. Experience the difference with Knutsen Financial Group.

Todd Knutsen is an investment advisor representative of Gradient Wealth Management, LLC, an SEC registered independent investment advisor. He provides families and businesses with a holistic financial planning approach encompassing innovative financial strategies and solutions that can lead to financial clarity and security.

This holistic approach includes all aspects of a client’s finances, goals, lifestyle, ideals, and risk tolerance. Only after assessing all of these areas do we recommend pertinent wealth management strategies that focus on creating wealth, managing risk, debt and taxation, and planning your estate after you pass on. He also constantly monitor and review your progress and adjust as necessary over time.

As a fiduciary, Knutsen Financial has an obligation to ensure the appropriate products are chosen based on the client’s best interest.

Financial planning is the foundation of your financial success. It all begins here.